Story - Toaster Fin

Inspired by nothing.

One random evening Vinnie and Justin were out thrift shopping over at CRC Thrift Shop tucked away next to Sprouts Farmers Market on Encinitas Blvd. Spotted was a wood grain vanilla cream toaster from the 70’s. We had to have it.

Shortly after purchasing it...

A couple of minutes go by after arriving back to the beach house on D St. Vinnie's hungry so he goes ahead and is about to toast a piece of bread with the new wood grain toaster until he spots out a bunch of hairs and crumbs stuck in the bottom of it. Earlier that day Justin's board broke and he took out the fins. When Vinnie arrives back in the kitchen he spots two fins sticking out of the toaster. Immediately he cuts the electric cord and replaces it with an old surf leash.

After That.

They Placed it in their living room. Forgetting about it until after being asked what it is by everyone who visited the Toaster Fin beach house. They didn’t know how to explain in words to people when asked what it was and they were tired of telling the story of what it is, so they just named it Toaster Fin. Because of all the rad comments that visitors were saying about it, they decided to turn it into a logo and then they got 36 shirts made. The shirts sold way quicker then they thought they would and people started to ask for more. They went through two more small orders eventually running out of stock. After running out of stock, Vinnie and Justin took a break from placing small orders and they put that money and time into turning it into a company.

After 18 months of grinding and trying to think of ways to make it work, Toaster Fin just threw its first block party due to its help and support of family and especially two friends who are now officially part of the team Marley & Shelby. We restocked on our gear and we are selling our shirts with the intention to put a side 10% percent of our proceeds to a cause that we are very passionate about. We aren't going to get into all of that jazz right now because we just aren't at that stage yet.

Toaster Fin is a reminder to stop taking life too seriously.