About - Toaster Fin

Toaster Fin is a brand based in the heart of Encinitas California. It all started one day when we found a toaster at a thrift store. It was a 1950s GE woodgrain toaster and we decided to buy it since it looked awesome and we actually did need a toaster. What we didn’t know about it (maybe because we had recently visited a dispensary) was that the inside was covered in crumbs and hairs. It was so nasty. We ended up just placing it on the counter where it stayed for a few days.

One day when Vinnie was in The John doing the dirty (he had recently eaten a spoiled hot dog), Justin put 2 fins in the toaster. From the moment Vin saw it he was like chyaaa dude that looks sick! The next logical step was to cut off the electric cord and replace it with a surf leash! In the beginning it was an art piece in our living room. However, organically over time we saw how much all of our visitors loved it and that is when Toaster Fin started toasting.

This brand was created just a block from one of the most well known surf breaks in San Diego, D street. Our vision is simple. We’re not searching to sponsor a big name surf pro to get us famous, or anything like that, as that is not what interests us. Our love for the ocean and our community is what’s most important to us. That is what inspired us to turn Toaster Fin into a brand. We want Toaster Fin to be repped by anyone who believes in our product, the ocean, and our community. Our initial proceeds will be going towards developing communal wax gardens all around Southern California. Images of our first project will be coming soon, and we will explain everything about our wax garden project.

At the moment we already have four team riders and we are looking to build our team organically. The ultimate goal is to film a Toaster Fin surf documentary that shows the world exactly what our vision is and what Toaster Fin represents. There are an endless amount of big dreams and goals that we want to accomplish, so this is just the beginning.

If you want to follow our journey and watch us grow from the ground-up, our website will be the place to see our progression. We want to grow organically and have our supporters be true supporters who actually believe in our vision.

This is the very beginning and a small glimpse of what we’re working on. We decided to launch at this time so our biggest supporters (you) can watch us grow and be a big part of our success. Toaster Fin represents you, our ocean, and our love for making this world a better place. We of course love surfing and yes, the Toaster Fin team will be riding in surf events and filming a documentary, but in addition to that we will use our success to help better the world and support causes that we believe will better this planet.

Thank you to everyone who has shown us so much love and to everyone that helps make this a brand.

Oh and one last thing. Stay Toasty.

Chenz and Justin Toaster Fin