What is Toaster Fin?


Inspired by nothing, really. One evening after a sunset surf, we headed over to the local CRC thrift shop in Encinitas to furnish our new apartment. That’s when a retro old vintage wooden toaster caught our attention. “This has to go in the beach house” (the magic lettuce was definitely making its rounds that night). As smart as we are, we didn't even think to inspect the toaster to make sure it was clean...it was not. The inside was covered in crumbs and hairs. It was so nasty we just ended up placing it on the counter waiting for trash day. 


That night when Vinnie was in the shower Justin put two surf fins in the toaster not thinking anything of it. When Vinnie walked out from the shower the toaster caught his attention again “Yo dude did you do this, this looks sick”. Inspired, Vinnie then cut off the electrical cord and replaced it with a surf leash. Once again, we didn't think anything of it, and so it continued to sit waiting for trash day. 


But the funky looking toaster caught the attention of many in the following days, we grew a little fond of the thing. Trash day finally came, but for some reason we just couldn't go through with it. We decided to keep it, throw it on some t-shirts, and share our quirky little story with everyone. And that’s how Toaster Fin began. Every shirt bought we will be donating a loaf of bread to the homeless, Stay Toasty!


-Vinnie & Justin


Chenz and Justin Toaster Fin