Inspired By Nothing
Literally Keep scrolling

Our Toast - Grab a slice


Before scrolling any further we suggest reading our story in our menu bar so this all makes just a little bit more sense. Then come back to scrolling around "if your feeling it". Every shirt purchased, we will be donating a loaf of bread to the homeless. Stay Toasty!

The Toaster Mobile

Recently found a canned ham camper that literally looks like a piece of toast. It was only right to turn it into a shop on wheels and now we are on a mission to hit as many farmers markets along the California coast as possible. We will also be stoping at random surf breaks to try and spread our brand naturally to people. If you see us come say whats up! We'll hook you up.

We dont get inspo from other brands

Nothing inspires us more than nothing. Thats why our slogan is Inspired by Nothing. We want to stay as original, funky and as weird as possible. We make banners out of toast, we donate toast, we throw sick events and nobody really knows what Toaster Fin is but somehow it all makes sense and thats what makes it all special

Why should you rep Toaster Fin?


We started out as organically as possible. The full story in our menu bar will tell you everything. But we just had fun with it in the beginning using all local people to print our shirts and we come up with all of our shirt concepts ourselves instead of going on instagram just taking one idea from another brand and making a little tweak to it. We started with 36 shirts to give to the homies and as we wore them to the beach people started asking what that was on our shirt "yes its a toaster with fins in it ". After telling our story to people, they asked if they could buy a shirt. Within a couple of days we sold out of every shirt and our orders started to get bigger and bigger so we started to come up with new designs. All of our shirt ideas tell a story when they are all together. We have yet to use a single piece of plastic since starting this company. All of our shirts are shipped out of recyclable bags made out of cornstarch. We just want to be as different as possible and we are super passionate with every little detail that we create. Almost forgot to mention that our shirts are super cozy, chill and comfortable.


We are trying to make enough money so that we can buy or rent some camera gear. Our #1 goal at the moment is to donate as much bread to the homeless as possible and to film the sickest video possible spreading our word around the world. Some of the kids that rep Toaster Fin are the sickest underground surfers that deserve at least one proper surf edit. The people that have supported Toaster Fin are all underground legends that deserve a sick video, its like I watched the video in my head a million times. We want to sell dope gear, donate the cash by giving bread to the homeless and save the rest for proper camera equipment so we can spread our brand to everyone. Stay Toasty!

We appreciate all the love and support from anyone that has repped Toaster Fin this far. We're just trying to have as much fun as possible with a purpose. We promise to never sell out and we hope to connect with all types of humans.